• Image of Unbelievably Bad Issue 19

Sixty-eight pages with Bad Boy Bubby cover by Jimmy Fatal.

Feature interviews include Jaimie Leonarder (Mu Mesons), Yuta Matsumura (Orion, Oily Boys, M.O.B) and Randolf Reimann (Massappeal, Tralala Blip, Wolf Shield).

We expose sixties alien rock invaders The Mystrys at an RSL bistro, sink a few and take punt on the trots with Newcastle fleabags Dog, and partake in some one-armed banditry with Colin Abrahall of UK82 legends GBH.

We roast Axl Rose a couple of different ways, get an insight into how Martin Bryant’s doing 20 years after the Port Arthur Massacre, and catch up with Herschell Gordon Lewis. We remember Gold Coast thrashers Thrust, delve into the history of singing/dancing conjoined twins Millie & Christine McKoy, review more than 50 new-ish releases, oh, we do so many things.