• Image of Electric Spaghetti – Drew Gates

“I really ‘pushed the envelope’ with this book – definitely not for the faint of heart.” – Drew Gates

Drew Gates’s third novel, Electric Spaghetti is about a cop who agrees to go off the grid to infiltrate the big pharma companies that are controlling the populace through various synthetic drugs and cures.

In a society controlled by pharmaceutical companies, a mysterious virus spreads unchecked. Drug rehabs have become self-replicating cults that supply big pharma with mind-controlled minions. Police officer, Justin Albright, goes undercover to infiltrate the drug underworld in order to get into rehab. He is thrust into an ultra-violent sub-culture of weaponised hallucinogens, high-powered narcotics and indiscriminate brutality. Life devolves into a psychedelic nightmare and word on the street is that there is a new gang in town.

Publisher: Green Ant Press, Sydney.
Published: April, 2014
Pages: 166
Language: English

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